Massage Therapist Spotlight

IMG_3472RACHEL MCGEHEE has been with Trimble for much of her 15 years as a full-time massage therapist. Rachel describes her style as firm, but gentle. The majority of her education falls into deep tissue and Swedish, but due to her continuing education efforts, expands into many directions. Her practices have covered a broad spectrum, from spas to sports rehab, and she enjoys working on all body types. Her approach is an integrated combination of a well-stocked bag of tricks – tailored for each individual’s needs. Her gift lies in an ability to diagnose the body’s unrest and help her clients recover their fullest potential by whatever means it takes, such as recommending a particular treatment, style, technique, or even another therapist! Her experience with therapeutic bodywork has included counseling, but often just listening to what you and your body tell her. Referring to her vast history of experience with injury recovery, from sports medicine on NFL players to ankle sprains on your more average person, Rachel says, “I enjoy rehab of all kinds from surgery to motor vehicle accidents. I also have spent oodles of time working with pregnant women in every trimester. I am comfortable and well skilled in prenatal care of all kinds. I love to help people with their relationship with their body. I feel good health is paramount in personal happiness and freedom. Massage is always a step in the right direction for physical and mental balance.