Sue McClain

One day when I discovered a flower opening and closing as it floated through the swimming pool at Trimble Spa and Natural Hot Springs, I also discovered I had a strong passion to teach myself, children and others to also move that way through the beautiful waters formed from the earth. I teach today for safety, for fun, and for overall health. The magnified perspective I received on that incredible summer day with our daughter spoke in many ways. Both Caeley and I were stopped in our swim tracks as we were working our way to the relaxed warm/hot pools by two brilliant purple, white and yellow flowers moving identically in color and beauty. There was an excitement we shared. As if we were pretending to be mermaids of the sea and had just found the best treasures of the day. My goal as a teacher is to allow opportunities for my students to see and feel the treasures within themselves. I hope we all learn how to breathe, relax and swim. I want any skill they learned to help them feel safe. As a teacher, I always hope that once one treasure is discovered then my students won’t stop there but will continue to see and develop all the other talents hidden in oneself. I find myself smiling and feeling a pure enjoyment inside when I experience a student looking to their own selves for treasures and allows those treasures to shine for all of us to enjoy. Thank you Trimble Swimmers 2013 and 2014 for all the jewels (talents) I see when I step into the pool and hear, “Ms. Sue, Ms. Sue look what I can do”. Each of my students add to that beautiful treasure chest giving me more and more tools to teach with. I am seriously getting were I don’t ever want to get out of the water and that is because I get to experience everyone blossoming in ways I couldn’t have created. Thank you again!

Swimming allows me to believe in every living thing. Swimming allows me to experience the best stories. I see the beauty of everyone’s cover, but I get to experience the most important part and that is our insides fears, confidence, excitement………..etc. I am an open book and hope you feel you can come to me with anything concerning breathing, relaxing and swimming. Getting to this point in my life I was blessed with a lot of little baby steps. My experience for working with children and parents has come from Nannying for different families, volunteering in the school classrooms for over ten years, being a soccer team manager for eleven years and working part-time for five years in the La Plata County Human Services Department. With my degree and work experience in Interior Design I truly learned to understand the different values and needs of families. I love hearing different perspectives, seeing different styles and leaving everyone with a smile.
• Member of The American Swimming Coaches Association.
• ASCA Certifications for Level I and II Stroke Courses.
• Swim Lessons University Certifications for Teach Like a Pro and Parent Tot Instructor.
• American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certification
• American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED
• Continuing Education-observing swim schools in Colorado.


Nick Gach 

Swimming has been a huge part of my life since I was a kid. I started swimming on a swim team in elementary school and still swim laps today. I have been a swim instructor for 5 years. My focus in the pool is the active involvement of swimmers at all ages and skill levels. My goal is to build confidence and strength while learning the fundamental strokes. Swimming is a passion of mine and I love sharing it with people at Trimble Hot Springs!

Anne Mummery 

My name is Anne Mummery and I have grown up in the beautiful town of Durango, Colorado. When I was younger I played every sport until one finally stuck, swimming! My family has a beach house in the Cayman Islands and since I was four years old I have been snorkeling, surfing, paddle boarding and just enjoying the water. When I started competitively swimming at age nine, I completely fell in love with the sport. I have learned many valuable lessons through swim such as being motivated, having a positive attitude and being a good teammate. I have met many awesome people through the sport and have had great success as a swimmer. I have several records at Durango High School and have traveled all over the country to compete and attend camps. This fall, of my senior year, I committed to swim for Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. I am so excited to study at such a prestigious University as well as continue my swim career. Because I have a lot of experience and different coaching styles as a swimmer, I have many different perspectives on swimming that carry into the lessons I teach. Last summer I started teaching swim lessons at Trimble. I have taught many private lessons before teaching at Trimble. I love the way the Trimble program is run and think every child comes out of swim lessons with a new tool under their belt. I mostly enjoy teaching older kids as I love showing them new, fun swim techniques. I walk into every lesson with an open mind not knowing how each lesson will go. Each kid learns differently and I tend to tailor my lessons to new learning styles. I cannot wait for another awesome summer teaching lessons at Trimble!

Sarah Harrelson 

My name is Sarah Harrelson. I was born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! I grew up
living by the ocean and have learned how to wakeboard, surf and jet ski. I am also a PADI
certified scuba diver. Having 5 younger siblings, I have learned to practice patience, teamwork and self-reliance. I moved to Durango my freshman year of high school and have participated in cross-country, tennis and swim. I have also baby sat and taught swim lessons during my summers in South Carolina. ! After high school I am traveling to Tanzania, Africa for 8 weeks to volunteer with orphaned children; afterwards, I’ll attend college in Santa Barbara in the spring to major in business administration. I am a very loving, caring and outgoing girl who loves to work with children! !  My overall purpose of teaching swim lessons is to share my love for water and hopefully inspire your children to feel safe and comfortable in the water too. I believe that children learn best when they are allowed to go at their own pace and feel supported every step of the way. I also deeply believe that when learning is fun, kids are more likely to reach their goals. I would love the opportunity to teach your kids how to swim and have a blast while doing it! !

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